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1 Week Free Digital Marketing Trial

Want the quickest way to grow your business?

We might just have a solution for it. BlendUs Media uses strategic digital marketing to help businesses generate traffic, leads, and sales.

I want one week trial


BlendUs Media creates digital marketing strategies that prioritise your return on investment, ensuring that every dollar you spend on paid advertising is put to good use. To demonstrate our faith in our services, we provide a 1-week free trial of our services. You can cancel after 1 week if you don’t like our services or the way we work.


Q – What does 1-Week trial includes?

We will create and execute internet campaigns for your company in one week. Ad visuals, campaign creation, campaign optimization, and a free website audit is also included.

Q – How can I sign up for a trial?

Fill in all of your information and submit the form, or contact us at for further information.

Q – Why is this trial the best option and how might it benefit you?

Many business owners do not promote their products and services online, therefore our trial is the ideal solution for them. They will gain a comprehensive understanding of how internet marketing may help them boost their ROI. It’s a freebie, so take advantage of it.

Q – What are the monthly fees after a one-week trial?

We’ll provide you a personalised quotation in a week, and please bear in mind that we charge a very low fee since we believe in growing together.

Q – What if I have more questions?

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, or if you’d like to see if BlendUs Media is right for your company, book a call with one of our Business Growth Specialists by clicking the button below. We’d love to hear more about your company and see how we can assist in its growth.

If you change nothing, nothing will change. Now is the time to make the positive decision to improve your results

Sign up for 1-week trail

If you have a query or a project in mind, our team would be delighted to assist you.